Has Philosophy of Religion a Future? A symposium at McGill University

April 25, 2013 – April 26, 2013 all-day
Birks Building, Room 111, McGill University
3520 University Street
Montreal, QC H3A
Jim Kanaris

The symposium aims to address the emerging new faces of philosophy of religion that expand on the wider cultural issues of theorizing religion today. Topics to be addressed range from how ideology critique has come to change the face of studying religion academically and whether theology and religious studies can or should, in the context of post-phenomenological debates, co-exist in the university, to whether traditional philosophy of religion, as distinct from philosophical theology and phenomenology of religion, is more properly philosophy of religious studies.

The subject matter is a pressing one. Philosophy of religion is changing so rapidly that many wonder, more now than ever, in what it consists. This often raises the urgent question whether philosophy of religion should persist. The symposiasts offer ways in which to mitigate the issues, underlining the importance of reflexivity in the context of religion and not philosophy alone.

All speakers:

John D. Caputo (Villanova University)
Carl Raschke (University of Denver)
Tyler Roberts (Grinnell College)
Pamela Anderson (Oxford University)
Maurice Boutin (McGill University)
Wesley Wildman (Boston University)
Clayton Crockett (University of Central Arkansas)
Jim Kanaris (McGill University)
Morny Joy (University of Calgary)
Jin Park (American University)
Nick Trakakis (Australian Catholic University)

Conference Schedule:

Symposiasts are cordially invited to a light breakfast

SESSION 1 9:00‐10:30
SESSION 2 10:45‐12:15

Symposiasts are cordially invited to a light lunch

SESSION 3 1:30‐3:00
SESSION 4 3:15‐5:30

Symposiasts are cordially invited to dinner

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