Philosophy of religion is home territory for a remarkably diverse variety of scholars and students. This site describes and supports those intellectual adventurers. We survey the books, the ideas, the thinkers, the societies, the conferences, the news, the jobs, and the websites dedicated to this field that we love.

What is Philosophy of Religion?

This question is probably a dangerous temptation. If we were to answer it in a definitive way on this site, we would inevitably centralize some projects within philosophy of religion while marginalizing others. But our intention is to register the full diversity of projects in the field, so we are taking another approach. We are inviting philosophers of religion to answer the question “What is philosophy of religion?” and posting their answers on our blog. Read what they have to say and leave comments.

Occasionally we will also ask an intellectual working outside the field of philosophy of religion to venture to tell philosophers of religion what they ought to be doing. We’ll post those on the blog as well. That should be interesting…

How can you use this site?

This is site is continually growing and changing. Get to know it. Tell us about resources you would like us to list using the comment box on the Resources page. Enter philosophers of religion into the database on the People page. Email us about organizations we haven’t discovered yet. Send us a review of a recent book or article.

If you are a philosopher of religion, make this site work for you and make it more useful for others.

Origins of this site

PhilosophyOfReligion.org is run by Wesley J. Wildman, a philosopher of religion at Boston University. You can find more information about Wesley here. Wesley, his colleagues, and his students produce the site’s content. The site’s editor is Dr. David Rohr, a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Mind and Culture in Boston.

The photographs

The photographs in the headers on this site are from a host of places on the web. All are believed to be in the public domain. If you know otherwise, please notify Wesley and he will fix the problem. The photographs express some of the meaning that Wesley associates with the tasks and nature of philosophy of religion.