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This page lists recognized philosophers of religion, some active, some retired, some deceased. Basic institutional and biographical information is included. Follow the link for more information about each person. If you see someone missing, add their information on the “Add Person” page and your submission will be reviewed for inclusion on this list. You can search the list and sort on several key fields.

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Benton Matthew Seattle Pacific University United States epistemology, Christian thought
Cohen Yishai Assistant Professor of Philosophy University of Southern Maine United States Faculty Profile ethics, metaphysics, agency
Michaud Derek Lecturer of Philosophy University of Maine USA Personal Homepage a:10:{i:0;s:12:"epistemology";i:1;s:11:"metaphysics";i:2;s:8:"theology";i:3;s:15:"world religions";i:4;s:14:"Jewish thought";i:5;s:17:"Christian thought";i:6;s:15:"Islamic thought";i:7;s:13:"Hindu thought";i:8;s:16:"Buddhist thought";i:9;s:17:"Confucian t
Mansourpour Mehdi Islamic Azad University Iran epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, natural sciences, psychological sciences, theology, world religions, Islamic thought
Leech David University of Bristol UK
Akgul Abdullah Erciyes University Turkey metaphysics, Islamic thought, Philosophy of Worship
Gäb Sebastian University of Trier Germany epistemology, metaphysics, Buddhist thought, Confucian thought, Doaist thought, philosophy of language, pluralism
Bennett-Hunter Guy Dr University of Edinburgh UK epistemology, ineffability; phenomenology; existentialism; contemporary philosophy of religion
Irwin Kristen Loyola University Chicago USA epistemology, ethics, theology, Christian thought
WHITE DAVID DR. SAINT JOHN FISHER USA ethics, theology, world religions, Christian thought, BISHOP BUTLER
Griffioen Amber Margarete von Wrangell Fellow University of Konstanz Germany Homepage of Dr. Amber L. Griffioen ethics, theology, Christian thought, Islamic thought, religious experience, emotion, faith
Mawson T. J. Dr Oxford University United Kingdom
Serrado Joana Dr Univ. Porto Portugal theology, world religions, Christian thought, mysticism
Islam Rabiul Barisal university Bangladesh
Loftus John Secularism,org USA epistemology
Schlesinger George Professor and Author University of North Carolina USA Dr George N Schlesinger epistemology, ethics, theology, Jewish thought
Dawes Gregory University of Otago USA
Cover Jan Purdue University USA
Davis Richard Tyndale University College & Seminary USA
Clack Brian University of San Diego USA
Cahn Steven City University of New York USA
Burns Elizabeth Heythrop College, University of London USA
Baker Lynne University of Massachusetts USA
Beaudoin John Northern Illinois University USA
Engel Mylan Northern Illinois University USA
Almeida Michael University of Texas at San Antonio USA
Runzo Joseph Chapman University USA
Wierenga Edward University of Rochester USA
McCann Hugh Texas A&M University USA
Basinger David Roberts Wesleyan College USA
Marsh Jason St. Olaf College USA
Marsh Jason St. Olaf College USA
McKim Robert University of Illinois USA
Wynn Mark University of Leeds UK
Weidenbaum Jonathan Berkeley College USA
Yandell Keith Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin, Madison USA
Wielenberg Erik Professor of Philosophy Depauw University USA
Weisberger Andrea University of North Florida USA
Walls Jerry Professor of Philosophy Houston Baptist University USA
Tuggy Dale Professor of Philosophy SUNY Fredonia USA
Tooley Michael Professor of Philosophy University of Colorado, Boulder USA
Suddoth Michael Professor of Philosophy San Francisco State University USA
Stenmark Mikael Professor of Philosophy of Religion Uppsala University Sweden
Santrac Aleksandar Professor of Ethics and Religion Washington Adventist University USA
Rosenkrantz Gary Professor of Philosophy University of North Carolina, Greensboro USA
Reichenbach Bruce Professor Emeritus Augsburg College USA
Pereboom Derk Professor of Philosophy Cornell University USA
Pennock Robert Professor of Philosophy Michigan State University USA
Parsons Keith Professor of Philosophy University of Houston, Clear Lake USA
Otte Richard Professor of Philosophy University of California Santa Cruz USA
Oderberg David Professor of Philosophy University of Reading UK
McCormick Matt California State University, Sacramento USA
Maydole Robert Professor Emeritus Davidson College USA
Manson Neil Associate Professor University of Mississippi USA
Mann William Professor Emeritus University of Vermont USA
Marmodoro Anna Official Fellow in Philosophy University of Oxford UK
Mawson Tim Edgar Jones Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy Oxford University UK
Long Todd Professor of Philosophy California Polytechnic State University USA
Leftow Brian Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion Oxford University, Oriel College UK
Kane Robert Professor Emeritus University of Texas, Austin USA
Judisch Neal Professor of Philosophy Oklahoma University USA
Johnston Mark Professor of Philosophy Princeton University USA
Johnson David Professor of Philosophy Yeshiva University USA
Idziak Janine Professor of Philosophy Loras College USA
Hunt David Professor of Philosophy Whittier College USA
Horban Peter Simon Fraser University Canada
Hoffman Joshua Professor of Philosophy University of North Carolina, Greensboro USA
Hibbs Thomas Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Culture Baylor University USA
Hawthorne John Professor of Philosophy University of Southern California USA
Hare John Noah Porter Prof of Philosophical Theology and Philosophy and Religious Studies Yale University USA
Haldane John Professor of Philosophy University of St. Andrews UK
Guleserian Ted Professor Emeritus Arizona State University USA
Grover Stephen City University of New York USA
Groothuis Douglas Professor of Philosophy Denver Seminary USA
Goetz Stewart Professor of Philosophy Ursinus College USA
Fales Evan Associate Professor University of Iowa USA
Eshleman Andrew Associate Professor of Philosophy University of Portland USA
Eberle Christopher Associate Professor of Philosophy United States Naval Academy USA
Drange Theodore Professor Emeritus West Virginia University USA
DePoe John Assistant Professor of Philosophy Marywood University USA
Carlisle Clare Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Theology King's College London UK
Marsh Jason St Olaf USA
McKim Robert University of Illinois USA
Horn Charles Assistant Professor of Philosophy University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point USA ethics, metaphysics, natural sciences, theology, Christian thought
Birch Brian Director, Religious Studies Program Utah Valley University USA epistemology, ethics, theology
Jackson Bernard Regis College USA epistemology, ethics
Nedugova Irina South Ural State University Russian Federation Confucian thought
Stöllger Philipp Chair of Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion University of Heidelberg Germany More info Array
Neal Anthony Assistant Professor Paine College United States Anthony Sean Neal Mysticism, NeoPlatonism, Howard Thurman
Steinhart Eric Professor of Philosophy William Paterson University USA
Re Manning Russell Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics Bath Spa University UK metaphysics, theology, Christian thought
Blakeley Donald Emeritus Professor of Philosophy California State University, Fresno USA
Ó Murchadha Felix Director of Graduate Studies National University of Ireland, Galway Ireland
Oliveira Loraine Professeur de Philosophie Ancienne Université de Brasilia Brazil
Yount Dave Assistant Professor Mesa Community College USA
Wagner Michael Professor of Philosophy University of San Diego USA
Vorwerk Matthias Associate Professor Catholic University of America USA
Turner John Professor of Religious Studies and Classics University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA
Shaw Gregory Professor of Religious Studies Stonehill College USA
Schroeder Frederic Professor Emeritus Queen's University Canada