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This page lists recognized philosophers of religion, some active, some retired, some deceased. Basic institutional and biographical information is included. Follow the link for more information about each person. If you see someone missing, add their informationĀ on the “Add Person” page and your submission will be reviewed for inclusion on this list. You can search the list and sort on several key fields.

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Anderson Pamela Reader and Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy of Religion University of Oxford UK More Info European philosophy; gender issues in philosophy
Andersen Svend Professor of Systematic Theology Aarhus University Denmark More info science and religion; philosophy of religion; religious language; bioethics; phenomenology; classical metaphysics and ontology; analytical linguistic philosophy
Amesbury Richard Associate Professor of Ethics and Religion Claremont School of Theology USA More Info theological ethics; religious ethics; ethics; religion and the public sphere; political theology; philosophy of religion; sociology of religion; religion and political theory; Wittgenstein; religious pluralism; secularism
Allen Douglas Professor of Philosophy University of Maine US Professor Doug Allen's Website world religions, Hindu thought, Buddhist thought, Phenomenology, History of Religions, Mircea Eliade, Mahatma Gandhi, Comparative Philosophy and Religion
Ahlers Rolf Reynolds Professor of Philosophy and Religion Russell Sage College USA More Info philosophy of religion; German idealism; Schelling; discourse analysis and deconstruction/poststructuralism; queer theory; German literature
Roberts Robert Distinguished Professor of Ethics Baylor University USA More info epistemology, ethics, emotion theory, Kierkegaard
Schellenberg John Professor of Philosophy Mount Saint Vincent University / Dalhousie University Canada More Info philosophy of religion (including science and religion); epistemology; ethics
Trakakis Nick Research Fellow in Philosophy; Assistant Director of the Centre for Philosophy and Phenomenology of Religion Australian Catholic University Australia More Info analytic philosophy; continental philosophy; philosophy of religion; phenomenology; theology
Roberts Tyler Professor of Religious Studies and Departmental Chair Grinnell College USA More Info history and thought of Christianity; philosophy of religion; changing shape of religion in modern Western culture
Raschke Carl Professor of Religious Studies University of Denver USA More Info continental philosophy; philosophy of religion; theory of religion
Joy Morny Professor of Religious Studies University of Calgary Canada More Info philosophy of religion; comparative philosophy; women and religion; hermeneutics; postcolonial theory; phenomenology
Crockett Clayton Associate Professor and Program Director of Religious Studies University of Central Arkansas USA More Info continental philosophy of religion and postmodern theology; Gilles Deluze; psychoanalytic theory; religion and politics
Caputo John Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion and Humanities Syracuse University USA More Info continental philosophy of religion; religion and theology in light of contemporary phenomenology, hermeneutics, and deconstruction; radical religious and theological motifs in continental philosophy; religion without religion
Kanaris Jim Professor of Religious Studies McGill University Canada More Info philosophy of religion; methodology; relationship of philosophy and theology; Continental thought; Bernard Lonergan; religious epistemology; methods in theology and religious studies; philosophical and theological hermeneutics
Murphy Nancey Professor of Christian Philosophy Fuller Theological Seminary USA More Info
Tilley Terrence Department Chair and Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Professor of Theology Fordham University USA More Info philosophical theology; philosophy of religion; systematic theology
Dalferth Ingolf Danforth Professor of Religion and Director of the Institute of Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Religion Claremont Graduate University / University of Zurich USA More Info philosophical and theological hermeneutics in 20th century; systematic theology in the 19th and 20th century; ecumenical theology (Lutheranism and Anglicanism); contemporary analytic and phenomenological philosophy of religion
Corrington Robert Professor of Philosophical Theology Drew University USA More Info continental phenomenology; American pragmatism; philosophical cosmology; evolutionary psychology; psychoanalysis
Desmond William Full Professor of Philosophy Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Netherlands More Info philosophy of religion; ethics; German idealism and Hegel; metaphysics; aesthetics; ontology
Speight C. Allen Associate Professor of Philosophy; Director, Institute for Philosophy and Religion Boston University USA homepage ethics, German Idealism
Neville Robert Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Theology Boston University USA More Info metaphysics; philosophy of religion; philosophical theology; ethics; political theory; American philosophy; modern philosophy; comparative philosophy
Zank Michael Professor of Religion Boston University USA More Info Jewish thought
Wildman Wesley Professor of Philosopohy, Theology, and Ethics Boston University USA More Info philosophy of religion; philosophical theology; modern Christian thought; comparative theology; religion and science; religious naturalism