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This page lists recognized philosophers of religion, some active, some retired, some deceased. Basic institutional and biographical information is included. Follow the link for more information about each person. If you see someone missing, add their information on the “Add Person” page and your submission will be reviewed for inclusion on this list. You can search the list and sort on several key fields.

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Drange Theodore Professor Emeritus West Virginia University USA
DePoe John Assistant Professor of Philosophy Marywood University USA
Carlisle Clare Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Theology King's College London UK
Marsh Jason St Olaf USA
McKim Robert University of Illinois USA
Horn Charles Assistant Professor of Philosophy University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point USA 1, 2, 3, 6, 9
Birch Brian Director, Religious Studies Program Utah Valley University USA epistemology, 1, 6
Jackson Bernard Regis College USA epistemology, 1
Nedugova Irina South Ural State University Russian Federation 13
Stöllger Philipp Chair of Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion University of Heidelberg Germany More info Array
Neal Anthony Assistant Professor Paine College United States Mysticism, NeoPlatonism, Howard Thurman
Steinhart Eric Professor of Philosophy William Paterson University USA
Re Manning Russell Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics Bath Spa University UK 2, 6, 9
Blakeley Donald Emeritus Professor of Philosophy California State University, Fresno USA
Ó Murchadha Felix Director of Graduate Studies National University of Ireland, Galway Ireland
Oliveira Loraine Professeur de Philosophie Ancienne Université de Brasilia Brazil
Yount Dave Assistant Professor Mesa Community College USA
Wagner Michael Professor of Philosophy University of San Diego USA
Vorwerk Matthias Associate Professor Catholic University of America USA
Turner John Professor of Religious Studies and Classics University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA
Shaw Gregory Professor of Religious Studies Stonehill College USA
Schroeder Frederic Professor Emeritus Queen's University Canada
Poster Carol Associate Professor York University Canada
Pessin Sarah Associate Professor University of Denver USA
Muñoz-Hutchinson Danny Assistant Professor St. Olaf College USA
Morewedge Parviz Professor of Philosophy Binghamton University USA
Manchester Peter Professor of Philosophy SUNY at Stony Brook USA
Majumdar Deepa Assistant Professor Purdue University North Central USA
Madigan Arthur Associate Professor of Philosophy Lemoyne College USA
MacIsaac D. Assistant Professor of Humanities Carleton University Canada
Lenzi Mary Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Evangeliou Christos Professor of Philosophy Towson University USA
Ramelli Ilaria Professor Catholic University of the Sacred Heart UK
Schilbrack Kevin Chair, Department of Philosophy & Religion Appalachian State University USA More Info philosophy of religion; metaphysics; embodied cognition; distributed cognition; method and theory in the study of religion; process philosophy; religious epistemology
Karamanolis George University of Crete Rethymno Greece
Cutsinger James Professor of Theology and Religious Thought University of South Carolina USA
Castle Lilia Assistant Professor Chaminade University of Honolulu USA
Byrd Miriam Assistant Professor University of Texas at Arlington USA
Bezerra Cicero Professor of Philosophy Universidade Federal de Sergipe Brazil
Berchman Robert Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies Dowling College USA
Anton John Professor of Philosophy University of South Florida USA
Ackerman Sherry Professor of Philosophy College of the Siskiyous USA
Zovko Marie-Élise Assistant Professor, History of Philosophy University of Zagreb Croatia
Zamora José Associate Professor Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Spain
Vinzent Markus Professor of the History of Theology King's College London UK
Stern-Gillet Suzanne Professor of Ancient Philosophy University of Bolton UK
Martijn Marije Assistant Professor VU University Netherlands
Mariev Sergei LMU University of Munich Germany
Koroglu Burhan Professor of Islamic Philosophy University of Marmara Turkey
Dahl Tina Senior Lecturer Stockholm University Sweden
Djintcharadzé Anna Assistant Professor Dominican University College Canada
Dillon John Regius Professor of Greek Trinity College Dublin Ireland
Crasta Francesca Professor of History of Philosophy University of Cagliari Italy
Chitoiu Dan Associate Professor University of Iasi Romania
Calabi Francesca Lecturer Universita di Pavia Italy
Bowe Geoff Assistant Professor Bilkent University Turkey
Athanasopoulos Costas Lecturer in Philosophy U. of Patras and U. of Athens Greece
Mortley Raoul Dean Bonds University Australia
Baltzly Dirk Senior Lecturer Monash University Australia
Tarrant Harold Professor of Classics University of Newcastle Australia
Sumi Atsushi Lecturer Hanazono University Japan
Song Dae-Hyeon Lecturer Sungkyunkwan University South Korea
Kim Tae-Kyu Korean Bible University South Korea
Cho Kyu Hanil You South Korea
Afonasin Eugene Professor Novosibirsk State University Russia
Wood Robert Professor University of Dallas USA
Bourgeois Patrick William and Audrey Hutchinson Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Loyola University New Orleans USA
Burrell David Emeritus Faculty University of Notre Dame USA
Rescher Nicholas Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy University of Pittsburgh USA
Lisska Anthony Maria Theresa Barney Professor Denison University USA
Noone Timothy Professor Catholic University of America USA
Ingham Mary Professor of Philosophical Theology Graduate Theological Union USA
Druart Thérèse-Anne Professor Catholic University of America USA
Jones John Professor Marquette University USA
Taylor Richard Professor Marquette University USA
O'Callaghan John Associate Professor of Philosophy University of Notre Dame USA
Dahlstrom Daniel John R. Silber Professor of Philosophy Boston University USA
Bloechl Jeffrey Philosophy Boston College United States 4, 9
Gardiner Mark Associate Professor Mount Royal University Canada epistemology, 2
Gerogiorgakis Stamatios Privatdozent University of Erfurt Germany
Davies Brian Professor of Philosophy Fordham University USA
White Thomas Associate Professor of Systematic Theology The Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies USA
Sokolowski Robert Elizabeth Breckenridge Caldwell Professor of Philosophy The Catholic University of America USA
Ramelow Anselm Associate Professor of Philosophy Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology USA
Biron Laura Lecturer in Philosophy University of Kent in Canterbury UK
Zimmermann Nigel Lecturer in Theology University of Notre Dame, Australia Australia More info moral theology; systematic theology; continental philosophy; religion and society, interfaith and ecumenical dialogue; philosophy of religion
Kiernan-Lewis Del Provost and Professor of Philosophy Holy Spirit College USA philosophy of religion; epistemology; metaphysics
Mavrodes George Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Linguistics University of Michigan USA More Info epistemology and religious belief; religious morality; social policy and religion; faith and reason
Peterson Michael Professor of Philosophy of Religion Asbury Theological Seminary USA More Info philosophy of religion; evil and suffering; theistic and atheistic arguments for the existence of God; Christian theism; philosophy of science; science and religion,C.S. Lewis
Hasker William Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Huntington University USA More Info philosophy of religion; philosophy of mind
Jesse Jennifer Professor of Philosophy Truman State University USA More Info historical,contemporary and constructive Christian thought; faith and reason; religion and literature; religion and science; the works of William Blake
Herdt Jennifer Professor of Christian Ethics Yale Divinity School USA More Info early-modern and modern moral thought; classical and contemporary virtue ethics; contemporary Protestant social ethics and political theology
Smith Huston Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Syracuse University USA More Info world religions; history and philosophy of religion; mystical traditions
Wolterstorff Nicholas Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology Emeritus Yale University USA More Info political philosophy; aesthetics; metaphysics; philosophy of religion; philosophical theology
Knepper Timothy Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Comparison Project Drake University USA More Info a:2:{i:0;s:0:"";s:5:"other";s:222:"philosophy of religion; neoplatonism (Dionysius the Areopagite); speech act theory (John Searle); mysticism studies (problem of ineffability); ancient philosophy; philosophy of language; comparative philosophy and religi
Garrett Lucien Senior Lecturer of Philosophy University of Memphis USA philosophy of religion; free will and determinism; contemporary epistemology
Shaw Marvin Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies Montana State University USA
Steinbock Anthony Professor of Philosophy; Director of the Phenomenology Research Center Southern Illinois University, Carbondale United States More info contemporary French and German philosophy; phenomenology; social ontology; aesthetics; critical theory; the philosophy of religion
McLachlan James Professor of Philosophy Western Carolina University USA
Merklinger Philip Professor of Philosophy University of Alberta Canada More info. philosophy of religion; the history of spirituality; 19th century philosophy (particularly Hegel); phenomenology; existentialism